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Online resources for finding books, articles, useful websites, and helpful information.

Website Guides

These sites are directories of websites which have been selected and recommended by librarians. They are excellent starting points when you need good information about almost anything.


Consumer Help

Find product and auto reviews, shopping tips, information about recalls, and consumer-protection agencies.

Buying Guides & General Advice

Cars & Trucks

Consumer Protection & Complaints


Health Information

Reputable sources for information about health and medicine.


Library Catalogs & Libraries

If you have a Library Card, we'll borrow items from other libraries for you! Delivery from most Illinois libraries is free.


Illinois & Local History

Online documents, photos, articles, and other information about the history of Illinois and the local area.


Magazine & News Articles

Online archives and search engines for finding articles from magazines and newspapers.


Find Facts Fast

Encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, statistics, and other sites for quickly looking up facts.